Eric's Online Resume


This page contains my resume for printing, my graphic work, and my webwork. It is a good representation of my work and knowledge. If you have any trouble downloading any of the information please contact me, Eric Lotos.

Written Resume

Follow the link to view my most current resume (NOTE: The resume is formatted so that it should print normally from your web browser). I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. It is my "unabridged" resume. I try to keep the resume I hand out at interviews to under a page, but I want to give a fuller account of my skills and experience online.

Graphic Work

    This is some of the stuff I have done in Director and other various graphic programs.

  • Computer Pictures
    This is some of my still work. I used Bryce and Photoshop as well as Infini-D. Click on an image to view a larger version.

Flash Work

    Below are my Flash projects. Hopefully more work will follow. I like Flash because it runs on most browsers (with the plug-in of course). I would like to put some of my director projects on the web but then I have to save them for Mac or Pc and futz with them. Hopefully there will be more links someday. Click the back button when you are done.

  • World of Illusion
    This is a Flash project I did for an art class. I had just seen "The Matrix" and was strongly influenced by it's imagery and ideas. For the art project I focused on the age old question of perception and self awareness. It is easy to say "I know what is real" but often we are fooled in movies, dreams, and even in everyday life. A philosopher (who I wish I could name) once said "I think therfore I am". What does this really prove? Does the process of thinking really prove our existance or more importantly the existance of others. We must make the decision that we are real, the world is real, and that all other beings are not merely figments of our intellect but rather other creatures such as ourselves.

  • Freddy the Fish
    This is a Flash 4 project I did for fun and my own edu-ma-cation. Ironically I have wanted to create video games since I was 11, but this is the first one I have done. I am proud of the logic and game structure but I am sure it is pretty primitive. I wrote an analysis that will discuss the game process and logic used throughout the game (link below). Maybe I'll do a Mac game next.

    Analysis of Freddy the Fish

Web Work

    Below are listed the web pages I have worked on. So far all of them have been for myself, without any compensation other than the enjoyment of web building.

  • Stop the Madness!
    This webpage was in protest of the University of Minnesota's closing of their student union for renovation. It is a long and complicated issue, but I tried to make an informative action orientated page. The results were less than spectacular though.

  • Educational Psychology Homepage
    This was a webpage mock up I did of the U of M's new Ed. Psych. homepage. Unfortunately my boss (coworker really, but he is full time, I am not), didn't like it so... Basically he had his own idea and didn't give mine the time of day. He wanted a "cool" webpage, I wanted a dignified, informative webpage. I hope I don't sound too bitter.

  • SciFant Homepage
    This started out as an art project for one of my classes. I would have liked to do cgi scripts for it, but I couldn't find a free place to host them. I found other alternatives though. However I realized that I have nowhere near enough time to run a site like this.

  • A Murder Mystery
    This too was a class project. I found it an interesting experience to come up with a plot and work form there. It was a different experience because I wanted to involve the reader in a different way. Most of my multimedia projects were to tell a story or illustrate some sort of idea.