Welcome to the Mystery Manor Murder
Are you ready for a mystery? If you are looking for quick paced and exciting action, look elsewhere. If you are sure you are in the right place, pick up your magnifying glass and get ready to slueth.

The Plot
Your name is Joeseph Smuck. Now you know your name isn't Joe Smuck*, and I know your name isn't Joe Smuck, but just pretend. You are a friend of one John Mar. It seems that there has been a murder at his new summer home. However, he doesn't want to inconvenience his guests, but he would feel terrible if he let a murderer get away. So Mr. Mar has asked you, since you are a private detective by trade, to determine the innocence of his guests so that they may leave before the police arrive. You, being an understanding soul, know how inconvenient the police can be, especially when there is a murder involved. So after introducing you to his good friend Ben Franklin, you accompany Mr. Mar back to the Mystery Manor through the pouring rain.

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IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: This site in no way endorses or condones murder. All I am saying is that it can be fun and entertaining.
*NOTE TO ANYONE NAMED JOESEPH SMUCK: This web site is in no way a slight to you or your family. It is merely capitalizing on your funny sounding name.