Eric Lotos
Home: (612) 623-7938

A challenging career in web development or application development.

Skills (years used):
Work Experience:

Wells Fargo
Web Developer
1/2010 - Present

Currently working with Java, Weblogic, and Oracle.

Fantasy Flight Games
Web Developer/ Technology Manager
5/2008 - Present

I originally worked on various web projects ranging from simple product viewers and web signup forms, to organized play and league play websites. During 9/2008 I was promoted to Technology Manager where I was responsible for technology projects and administration.

Office of Information Technology, Java and Web Services (University of Minnesota)
Web Developer
10/2005 - 4/2008

I worked on several projects, ranging from small to large projects. Duties include meeting with customers to formalize requirements, perform production support, write code, design program structure, and deploy code to development, test, and production environments.

United Behaviorial Health (United Health Group)
Application Developer (Grade 26)
7/2003 - 10/2005

I developed new features for a secure website to submit out-of-network claims ( I also maintained, refactored code, and supported user issues. I worked primarily with web technologies (Java, JSP, Corba, JRun, Struts, Spring) but also with Java Swing on Gui tools.

Universal Talkware Corporation (UTC)
Intern / Level 1 Engineer
12/1999 - 6/2001

I started as an intern and was hired full time in 5/00. I worked in the Systems, Test, and Application departments.

Formal Education:

University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Art

October 1996 - December 2000
Computer Science Education

I have taken classes in C, C++, and the Scheme dialect of Lisp. I have also learned Object Orientated Programming, Program Interface and Implementation, and robust computer programing. Programmed on Unix and Linux machines. I took classes on OpenGL and how to program 3D graphics and animations. During a GUI class I created programs in Tcl/Tk, Java, Perl, and Visual Basic.

Art Education

I have taken classes for Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and 5.0 and Director 6.0, both for the Macintosh and the PC. I have taken a Web Art class that dealt with HTML and JavaScript coding, as well as working with Macromedia's Director 7.0, Shockwave, and Flash. I have also taken traditional art classes involving drawing of still life, perspective, and human form.

Independent Education:

Computer Related

I enjoy reading and learning. I have read books on my own, such as Java, CGI programming with Perl, HTML, and Information Architecture (O'reilly books). I have created my own web page and am working on building a portfolio of games. I have written games in Flash and Java, as well as board games and other pen and paper games.

Art Related

I have always been interested in computer graphics and animation. I have worked with Infini-D, a computer animation program, since 10th grade. I also have experience with CD duplication and multimedia presentations (for class).


I enjoy music (particularly classical), movies, books, and art.

References available upon request.