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A hearty welcome to our department! As you read through this webpage, you will learn about the programs and degrees we offer in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. You will see pictures of the beauty of Minnesota and the warmth of its people. But that is only part of the story wešre trying to tell. The broader context of the department also is exciting and important to consider. The Department of Educational Psychology is a vital place to study, work, and - ultimately - learn. The department has four program areas, spanning basic to applied aspects of educational psychology, that intersect to produce a dynamic set of learning opportunities. It is at these intersections that many of the new advances will be made in our field and in schools.

Whether you want to be a school psychologist, a counseling psychologist, or a special educator, you will work closely with researchers who study basic cognitive, social, or personality development, as well as those who develop innovative statistical and evaluation techniques. And, if you wish to study basic learning and social functions, you will have a wide range of opportunities to apply your focus of expertise. We want you to become a trusted colleague of our students and our faculty and academic staff, participating in and contributing to a long-standing mission of excellence in education.

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